Thursday, July 01, 2010

Arctic Circle? Check!

Binh checks in from Fairbanks after making it to the Arctic Circle:

Made it to the Arctic Circle yesterday around 3pm.  The Dalton wasn't as bad as everyone said.  It was a very nice dirt/gravel road.  The only parts that was rough was the road construction sections.  Nearing the Circle it had started raining then stopped. Surprisingly, It was  very warm there.  I had to take off all my layers and still got sweaty.  It rained all the way back.  The dirt/gravel road got very slippery but for the most part stayed in tack.  There were several spots where I almost crashed but managed.  I was able to do mostly 40mph through most of it.

The Michelin Gazelle is wearing out faster then the stock tires....could be the gravel road accelerating the wear but seems like they are just softer.  The rear is almost worn out after only a little over a thousand miles.  Before putting them on I thought I had brought too many tires but now think I have just enough to get back home.

I'm going to Tok tonight and staying at the all/only motorcycle camping site I was told about the other day.  I should be passing through Whitehorse on the 2nd.

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