Thursday, July 15, 2010

NY Times: Embarassing or Cool?

Saw this great NY Times blogpost on the idea of moms being "embarrassing."

Anyone who was ever a teenager probably had some bouts of infinite parental embarrassment followed by copious eye-rolling and looking at one's feet. I recall once when my dad came in the front door after work calling me by my nickname, "Apple Weenie" to my horror and the amusement of my school friends who were in the house. [to clarify, I actually nicknamed myself since as a toddler I could only pronounce my name that way.] My mom also bought my school clothes at KMart for quite some time, which was a real source of humiliation at my beach-side school in a surfer town. Why couldn't I wear OP and Flojos?!?

So, it was fun to read this story of a mom who could care less what was "cool" and chose to drive her kids to school in the sidecar of a Vespa. Little did she know how damn cool she actually was!

Nowadays, I could care less if my dad called me Apple Weenie in front of the President, or if my mom bought me something cool at KMart. That's one of the great things about growing up.

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cpa3485 said...

Very cool story! Thanks for posting and the link.

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