Sunday, July 04, 2010

Binh checks in from a visitor's center in Fort Nelson, BC.

Since I left Whitehorse it has been nothing but cold and rain.  The Alcan is very scenic between Watson Lake and Fort Nelson (Rocky Mtns.) with lots of wild life. Saw more black bears and a herd of buffalo.  It is by far the most varied roadway for this trip to Canada and Alaska.  The north is very well developed; I didn't go for more then an hour without seeing another person...actually when I was lost in the mountains near Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens I went longer without see another person then I ever did in Alaska and Canada north.  Because of the remoteness of the north there are only a few highways so everyone has to travel the same roads. 

Last night I had a cinnabon and a brownie for dinner-- places here close EARLY.  I've been eating well this whole trip except last night.  All restaurant, home cooking is my preference.  I budgeted $30 a day for food and more or less am in the ballpark.  I only eat two meals a day to save $$ and also travel time.  So far I'd only paid for 3 camp sites and [squatted] camp all other times. 

Changed out the rear Gazelle tire in the rain and mud, they lasted about 2k miles, was well past the wear bars, almost bald.  I'm running the OEM rear now and just had a flat, repaired the flat in the least it wasn't raining during the repair.

I'm out of the mountains now so hopefully it will warm up.

Whitehorse was the first night in a while where it got kinda dark at night...the days are now getting shorter.  Which means I have to wake up earlier and stop sooner

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