Saturday, July 03, 2010

Binh's Heading Home

Binh checks in from Whitehorse, Canada:

Seems like the ride back is going way faster then the way there.  I think I had a headwind north to Fairbanks.  Today has been really cold, hands constantly numb.  I didn't stay in Tok last night, was making such good time that I was able to cross the border and stayed just past Beaver Creek.  Tomorrow might be a lazy day.  Once back in the States I'm going to go down the coast all the way home.  Think I'm gonna take the Alcan all the way back to Prince George, more inland means more warmth.  It'll add about 100miles no big deal.

Saw three moose in all...boy they are BIG.  The scenery in Alaska as well as most of the Yukon is very similar and is very consistent; not much variety.

Gas in AK is about $3.50 while here in Canada about $4-$5+ per gallon.  The roads in Canada are much nicer then AK.

The bike is covered in Alaska dirt.  I'll need to find a place to rinse that stuff off the wheels for easy tire changes.  Also caked on dirt will reduce engine cooling efficiency.  Will do some maintenance tonight.  I'm gonna have to change the rear tire soon, down to the wear bar already.  Think I'll throw the stock rear back on till that is all the way worn.  The Michelin Gazelle didn't seem to handle gravel much better then the stock tires.  My gas mileage has been about 100mpg give or take.

Folks have been reacting in awe of the trip on such a small bike.  The most shocked folks are the BIG bike riders, they just can't believe that I'm on this trip.  The usual questions from folks about the bike are expected: how fast, what cc, mpg?, how far on a tank.  The question for me are you are from where!!? Alabama!? No, I tell them JUST riding from CA.
[Binh's loaner Symba is registered in Alabama. -Ed.]

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