Thursday, July 08, 2010

Binh Heads West

Binh checks in from Hope Canada before crossing the Canada/US border and heading over to the coast.

It is amazing how everything looks differently with clear blue skies.  Yesterday
was the first day that I was able to ride without my rain suit since I left California.  The trees, mountains, towns and people seems so much more colorful when the sun is out.  Canada is much more beautiful under the sun instead of constant gray clouds.

The riding has been going quickly.  There is mostly a tail wind.  From Cache Creek down it is constant down hill following a river.  Camped out just past Hells Gate and for the first time on this trip there were almost no mosquitoes.

Went through the second rear tire.  The stock back tire lasted about 4k miles.  I switched back to the stock front tires and threw theGazelle that was on front to the back.

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