Sunday, July 11, 2010

Binh Makes it Home

Binh finally makes it home from his trip to the Arctic Circle and back:

Just got home late last night.

The last few days have been bittersweet knowing that the trip is coming to an end.

Riding into WA it got very warm and nothing but blue skies.  Rode through the way that I had originally intended to go north where I got stuck in the snow.  There was only a few patches of snow left on the side of the road.  Went into Portland and stopped by the SYM dealership there and did an oil change. Thanks for the oil guys!  They have tons of Symbas in stock.  The heat wave was happening all in the Northwest, it was almost 100-degrees in the Portland Area.  Got
to the coast and it got cold and foggy.  Put the rain suit back on. The fog lasted all the way home.  Once I got to Highway 1 I rode the bike harder then I had ever ridden it, WOT all the way. 
 I love CA and it's twisty roads.  Canada and Alaska didn't have many twisties at all.  Their roads are meant for 18-wheelers.

The bike is very balanced and handles really well.  The suspension works great for what it is.  I was able to pass up cars in the technical sections of Highway 1.

Got into SF and was pulled over for a burnt out license plate light.  When I got back into the USA I was really thrown off by the traffic density and over- stimulation of signs.  It was a strange feeling, almost overwhelming used to being in Canada and Alaska with not many people or advertisement.

It felt good riding familiar roads again.  What I was surprised of in Canada and Alaska was the lack of big trees.  Most all the big trees there were only about a foot in diameter and maybe 20-30 feet in height, very small compared to the big trees here in California.

Up loaded more pics.  I'll write up a summary later on, think I need a break and go on a ride with my CB.

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