Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Binh's Journey Continues...

Woke up to clear sunny skies this morning, first warm dry day in two weeks.  The last couple days have been COLD and WET. I actually got chilled yesterday for the first time on this trip.  I was told today by road crew that it had snowed a little last night in the mountains where I had rode through today.  Good thing I decided to stop early before the mountainous section.

Had to fix the rear flat again.  Seems like the Slime patches I got doesn't work very well, it is the pre-glued type.  When it is cold the patch works fine but once the road dried and the tires got warm the patch fails.  So I spent some time on the side of the road again but at least it was dry gravel instead of mud.  I tried "fix a flat" in a can and it just squirted out the puncture.  I think I'm only gonna use thick rubber patches with vulcanizing rubber cement from now on.  Before the trip started my main concern with the bike was tubes.  I'm not a fan of tube tire set up. They take a lot of time to repair and is more prone to flats.  Tubeless are much less troublesome, even my mountain bike uses tubeless tires.

The bike has been running really smooth.  I had flooded the motor a few times from over filling the gas.  If you fill up make sure to stop once it gets to the top and not try to squeeze in that last ounce of gas other wise it will overflow into the evap canister.  Once the canister fills it will overflow into the air box, and that will fill and gas will flood the carb then the motor.  I also use a whole bottle of oil instead of the recommended fills up to the very top of the full mark.  Taking out the oil screen/filter will allow you to drain out more oil then just the drain plug.  The chain has stretched more then I had expected but the chain ring still looks good.  Not sure how much the chain cover has protected it from dirt/dust.  May be in normal round town riding it would be fine but dirt road riding gets dirt EVERYWHERE.

The road between Watson Lake and Fort Nelson had lots of wildlife, tons of black bears, buffalo and some reindeer.  Hwy 97 is a very scenic road just as nice as Hwy 37, different but nice.

Had my first camp fire last night of the whole trip, probably my last one.  Needed it to warm up.  Covering so many miles per day doesn't leave time to enjoy camping life.  The last few day's pace has been a little slower.  I think the next few days I'll cover more distance until I hit the coast then slow down again.

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