Thursday, July 15, 2010

Found on Flikr...

If you have visited this blog before, you may have seen the cool Flikr feed that I have on the left. It randomly posts images tagged with key words like "scooter" and "vespa." Sometimes I follow the link to see what from what sets the images are pulled. Lots of cool scooter stuff going on around the globe!

Here is one recent set that I have enjoyed. I love the highly customized scooters of England. Also love all those old city names, so this image with a shout-out to Shrewsbury. As some readers may recall, my BF is English. Once we went back to England to sight-see and visit his family. We popped into several scooter shops and drove all over the lower part of the country. It was a blast.

I wish more US scooterists would make English-style custom scooters.

photo from nualabugeye's Flikr set.

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